About our founder .

How it all started.


I discovered music late in life (I think) gave up my dream of being a Football Star and discovered music after a high school game. Great party and I noticed the ladies were paying more attention to the band so I decided a musician I would be. Its been an incredible journey but sometime I think about that that Dental practice or NFL contract. 

Humble Begginings


In 1973 following an short lived shot at touring the USA and returning to Owensboro I realized my town needed a store that served players from novice to pro. Just how was I going to grab my dream. I convinced Mr Dallas Hughes who operated Dallas Music in Evansville, In. To open that store. After a couple of promising years he made it possible to see my dream come true. Eternally grateful for Dallas for mentoring me and his loyal support. RIP

I'm still kicking


The music business changes every day. I find it important to re-invent my self every time I unlock the door! Internet, amazon and the "Big Box" stores are a daily challenge. I strive to bring more to my customers than competitive prices. Any one can sell you the gear buy service after the sale, hands on experience and lots of free advise gives us the reasons you should shop local.

I have served on NAMM Board of Directors and helped found the nations largest Independent Music Store coalition "iMSO" Served on committee that re-wrote NAMM Mission and directives as well as a stint on our local Chamber Board. It's been a great trip.