strings for food-help us stamp out hunger in our community


What is Strings for Food?

when I learned the heart breaking stories of the numbers of children in our own community going without food and proper nourishment I was shocked. You see ive always been fortunate and have more than I ever deserve so this is a small way to help.

How can you help?

In November just before Thanksgiving you can bring a donation of non perishable food items. That donation of 6 or more items is rewarded with a fresh set of strings and minor adjustments to your instrument. Staff members and friends volunteer time to get you sounding great while your helping feed deserving youth in our community

How does it work.

Bring your donation and we will re-string your guitar and make minor adjustments to get you playing. We must limit each of you to two instruments because were covered with sheer numbers of instruments.

Fine print

As mentioned we must ask that you bring only two instruments. Our fantastic string companies donate the strings an we donate the manpower. Sorry but only 6 string guitars (acoustic or electric) and bass guitars are eligible. I'm working on other possibilities so check back often.

Wanna volunteer

Many of our customers have graciously donated time and skill to help restring the many guitars that day. We would be thrilled to have you with us. Just let us know. It feels good to help others doesn't it.